1. Do you replace individual puzzle pieces? 

No. Because each puzzle is run through the press by hand, no two puzzles will ever be exactly the same. If a puzzle piece is lost or broken, you will have to replace the whole puzzle or simply get creative and frame it with missing pieces! 

2. Where can I find frames to fit the puzzles? 

You may be able to find 81/2" x 11" or 10" x 16" frames at your local Michaels or picture framing store, but you can always approach any custom framer to create a custom fit frame for your puzzle! You can even add a mat or match the colour of the frame to enhance your favourite colour in the puzzle. 

3. How long does it take to complete the puzzles?

You can take as long as you want to complete our puzzles, but if you're focused and determined on finishing the puzzles quickly, our 81/2" x 11" puzzle will likely take about an hour and the 10" x 16" will take about two hours. It also depends on how much white space is in the puzzle, as this will make the puzzle more challenging and take longer to complete. 

4. Where are the puzzles made?

All of our puzzles at rosewood puzzle co. are handmade in Toronto, Canada. The images are printed in Toronto and laminated on quality chipboard manufactured in Toronto. Even the press and dies that cut the image into a puzzle are manufactured in Canada. We pride ourselves on being wholly Canadian made and support artists who are Canadian as well.

5. What do you mean the puzzles are handmade?

Our puzzles are made the old fashioned way. The image is printed then laminated onto chipboard by hand and trimmed to size. The image is then fed through a press on top of a die which cuts the image into puzzle pieces just like a cookie cutter. This die has been hand shaped into a puzzle pattern by a specialist in Canada using sheet metal. Once the puzzle is cut, the pieces are separated, inspected for error and then packaged. Some of the puzzle pieces may look slightly squished, but this is a normal result caused when being released from the die and will not affect how the puzzle is put together. A lot of work goes into creating each puzzle, but we pride ourselves on quality assurance to make sure each puzzle and each piece is as good as it can be!