Our artists are local and hand selected for the quality and style of their images and how well the images will work on a puzzle. Not every image will work on a puzzle given the size of each puzzle piece and the need for each piece to be unique. Our brand at rosewood is trendy, fun, and hangable! We're looking for artists with a collection of coordinating images so our customers can collect and hang them all to create a collage on the wall that their friends and family will envy. 

rosewood puzzle co. currently has 5 artists on its roster, including:

Anne-Sophie Perreault

Amanda Greenwood

Shayna Pitch

Melissa McLaughlin 

Ginette Brosseau

Our artists receive royalties on sales, but they are not only valued for their work, they are valued for who they are and what their story is. Part of our mandate is to support local artists and to provide a platform for them to reach more audiences and further establish themselves within the industry. If you are interested in joining the team, please provide a brief description of who you are, where you come from and the style of work you create, along with some sample images and/or a link to your personal website to